An Ultimate Guide to the Best German Wines

Celebrate this year’s Lovers Day by visiting our cozy, romantic Restaurant! Each year we are introducing some themed party for that occasion… This time, Valentine’s Day will be set amid Parisian decor.


Being “farm-to-table,” or devoted to “seasonal-local” practices is practically second nature at NYC restaurants today.

Halloween Meal for You!

This year’s Halloween celebrations saw a big menu change.
We decided to make each and every dish and beverage color orange.
Also we’ve chosen our main course for that event to be a veal steak with a spicy pumpkin sauce…

Best German Wines

The southern state of Virginia is well known for its hospitality and also for mastering the art of cooking smoked meats. The Smithfield Hams are the best example. Cooked in a long smoky process, learnt by locals from Native Americans, these veal hams taste like.

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Our team is sure, that wine can be a heart and soul of absolutely any event or an occasion… Choose us and we’ll cater your event with a variety of different wines, with our sommeliers for help.